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As the name suggests, this site is for exchanging questions and answers around open science. But what exactly do we mean by that – what kinds of questions are welcome here, what kinds of answers are expected, what kinds of topics are included, which ones are not?

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At least initially, I would like to be inclusionist: I would accept and encourage all questions that a researcher (whether budding or experienced) would come across when trying to perform research in a transparent and reproducible way.

For instance, even though What should I do if I cannot afford a journal Article Processing Charge? is arguable more of an Open Access than an Open Science question, I feel it clearly belongs here.

Anyway, if someone can come up with a list of especially wanted kinds of questions, that would be helpful, too.

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I personally think that one of the advantages of being outside the SE network is, that one can dynamically wait and see what kind of questions the community appreciates, instead of having to create a large overhead of bureaucratic rules that describe in too much detail what kind of questions are (un)wanted.
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@Dilaton: That is exactly what I meant.

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