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Given that information about jobs, events, projects, policies or other things closely related to open science would be welcome here, should we go one step further and formalize their handling, e.g. through dedicated tags?
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Do you mean, to "catalogue" these things a bit like OAD http://oad.simmons.edu/oadwiki/Main_Page and OATP https://tagteam.harvard.edu/hubs/oatp do?

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@Askopenscience could do this. But note that the Open Access Tracking Project is already doing it. For example, see the OATP tag libraries for oa.jobs, oa.events, and oa.policies. OATP is nonprofit, crowd-sourced, runs on open-source software, and welcomes new contributors. We'd also be happy to talk with @Askopenscience about possibilities for collaboration.

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