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@christian_admin: Could you shortly explain how the hosting of this site is funded? Is there a long-term preservation plan; will the site still be hosted and administrated in case you leave Uni Bielefeld? In other words: What is your bus factor? wink

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This site is hosted by Bielefeld University Library on its own local servers. They employ me, and they also cover the domain fees. I'm on a permanent contract.

Like other services offered by academic libraries, this service does not depend on one person. The software (Question2Answer) requires nothing special (just PHP + MySQL), so any of the server admins will take over should I be hit by a bus.

Ask Open Science used to be called Open Science Q&A but we changed the name when we registered the domain ask-open-science.org. Everything else stays the same: We are still hosted by Bielefeld University.

If you participated in the Open Science beta at StackExchange, please reclaim your user account now – it's already here!

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