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Quoting from https://twitter.com/GOSHCommunity/status/845326718869000192 :

2.5 days into #GOSH2017 we're sitting down to plan how to make open science hardware ubiquitous by 2025. It takes a whole community!

#GOSH2017 is the Gathering for Open Science Hardware currently taking place in Santiago, Chile.

Website: http://openhardware.science/

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Here's a news piece from this week: "How Open-Source Robotics Hardware Is Accelerating Research and Innovation" http://linkis.com/spectrum.ieee.org/au/n0FT1 .
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Some reports about the GOSH meeting:
- http://www.makery.info/en/2017/03/31/gosh-santiago-du-chili-capitale-de-lopen-science-hardware/
- http://blogs.plos.org/blog/2017/03/27/gathering-for-open-science-hardware-2017-building-a-movement/

Both mention the roadmap, which is still in the process of being drafted - hopefully soon open for public input.
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A report from the GOSH team is now out that addresses this issue: http://openhardware.science/global-open-science-hardware-roadmap/

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