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This was a session I spontaneous suggested to hold while I attended the barcamp on the day before the Open Science Conference 2017 in Berlin.

Participants collected notes in this pad, and I added a summary later. There were lots of great ideas!

Immediately after the session, Konrad Förstner interviewed me for the Open Science Radio podcast.

What I take home from this session is this: Although activity and growth of this Q&A site have been modest so far, it is still be best solution this group of people could think of. Let's continue to hone this resource, and its usefulness will increase over time. Also, spreading the word on conferences, workshops or barcamps is a good idea.

Ask Open Science used to be called Open Science Q&A but we changed the name when we registered the domain ask-open-science.org. Everything else stays the same: We are still hosted by Bielefeld University.

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