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On questions that have more than 10 replies, only the first 10 are currently shown. This limit makes sense in a StackOverflow kind of setting where "the right" answer is supposed to float to the top. Here, we are allowing questions for which no "right" answer exists (or at least no single one), and some of the questions (e.g. https://openscience.ub.uni-bielefeld.de/882/what-can-research-institutions-do-to-encourage-open-science ) have now reached beyond that limit, which has relegated some of the answers to a separate page.

I think it would be useful to lift that limit somehow - say, to 50. I am also wondering whether it would not be better to sum up information on some of those open-ended questions in a place that could be collaboratively edited.

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OK, let's try that. I just raised the limit of answers shown to 50.

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